Top 5 Elementor Addons To Build Incredible Pages In WordPress

By | April 27, 2021

Top 5 Elementor Addons To Build Incredible Pages In WordPress –

As you already know, Elementor is a plugin for the WordPress platform (the most popular platform on the web for building websites) which allows you to build pages using an advanced but easy to use drag and drop builder which transforms you into a PRO Web designer.

Now, besides the functions that Elementor already has and the vast templates library which gives you plenty of opportunities to create amazing looking pages, there are some addons that make it even more powerful and useful.

Below we will share with you the top 5 FREE Addons which we believe to be the best for transforming Elementor into one of the most powerful funnel and page builder on the web.

1. Elementor Addon Elements.

Elementor Addon Elements is a pack of 24 + extra widgets which you can add to Elementor.

Here are the 24 + Elementor Addon Elements.

1. Timeline – Create a stunning horizontal timeline for your posts, page, custom post types, or for any static text.

2. Info Circle – Present your content in an attractive circle layout, using pre-defined styles.

3. Comparison Table – Add a beautiful table to compare products and services.

4. Content Switcher – Switch between multiple contents like Primary or Secondary.

5. Thumbnail Slider – Add a responsive slider with custom thumbnails and transition effects.

6. Chart – Create amazing graphical data charts in Elementor and customize them accordingly.

7. After/Before Image Compare – Let your viewers compare between the before and after versions of an image.

8. Filterable Gallery – Create a gallery for custom content or custom posts.

9. Wrapper Link – Make sections and columns clickable by assigning links to them.

10. Particle Background – Add creative particle background effects to section to attract visitors.

11. Background Slider – Add sliders to the background to make them appealing.

12. Animated Gradient Background Slider – Add eye-catching backgrounds to your Elementor sections and columns.

13. Modal Popup – Add a Read More button on the post archive that opens the content in a popup.

14. Google Map – Show Google map on your website with various styling options.

15. Twitter Feed – Exhibit your Twitter feed in different styles.

16. Progress Bar – Add Progress Bar with four pre-defined skins, which can be customized accordingly.

17. Animated Text – Add stylish headings to your Elementor website.

18. Text Separator – Separate your text using fancy dividers.

19. Flip Box – Use animated Flip Boxes to highlight any content on your page.

20. Split Text – Present heading in two distinct styles.

21. Dual Button – Design the call to action buttons more attractively and elegantly.

22. Price Table – Present your pricing plans in a stylish table layout.

23. Post List – Design your blog posts in a listed manner.

24. Shape Separator – Add beautiful shapes to sections.

25. Data Table – Display your data in a well-structured table format with lots of flexibility and customization options.

These widgets will help you build more beautifully designed pages and are very useful for different types of pages. For example, the progress bar can be used for a coming soon page.

2. Press Elements.

This addon will allow you to use the original WordPress widgets in your Elementor builder. You can add elements like the Site Title, Author Box Post Date, Post Comments, Style Date or others and you can animate them, make them bounce or change their colors.

3. Essential Addons For Elementor.

This addon includes multiple modules like: the marketing bundle, the content module, the create bundle, the dynamic content bundle and others. The FREE version of this addon contains 29 More Widgets which will help you to create better looking pages and more complex with ease.

4. Happy Addons.

This is an addon which has FREE and Paid version but we believe that the FREE version is more than enough to give you an arsenal of tools for building pages with Elementor.

Here are just a couple of the included extra widgets: Card, Gradient Heading, Info Box, Image Compare, Team Member, Skill Bars, Dual Button, Testimonial, Justified Grid, Number, Slider Carousel and some of the popular Form Builder’s widgets like Contact Form 7 and more.

5. Widgetkit.

This is a relatively new addon to the WordPress world but it’s FREE, it has an overall rating of 5 stars and it contains a couple of very useful widgets in our opinion.

Some of these Widgets are: Slider, Call to Action, Blog, Testimonial, Image Box, Button, Countdown, Pricing, Social Share, Carousel, Text Animation, Modal, Team, Gallery, Portfolio, and News Feed.

It also has some very neat functions like header and title animations, sliders with animation and others.

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