WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial For Beginners

By | May 22, 2024

WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial For Beginners – https://www.wplearning101.com

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🌟 Dive into our concise WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial! Perfect for beginners, this video guides you step-by-step through navigating the Posts section of your WordPress dashboard. πŸš€

Learn how to manage your posts effectively, from creating new entries to organizing existing ones by categories, tags, and publication dates. We’ll also explore the tools for sorting posts and customizing your dashboard to enhance your blogging workflow.

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Video Chapters
0:00 – Introduction to WordPress Posts
0:20 – Accessing Posts in the Dashboard
0:35 – Overview of All Posts
0:50 – Sorting Posts by Date
1:10 – Managing Draft and Trash Posts
1:30 – Adding a New Post
1:45 – Customizing Dashboard Views
1:54 – Conclusion

FAQs: WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial For Beginners

Q1: How do I add a new post in WordPress?
A1: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts – Add New. Here you can enter your post title and content before publishing.

Q2: How can I view different categories of posts?
A2: Navigate to the Posts section and select ”All Posts”. You can use filters to view posts by categories, tags, or status (published, draft).

Q3: What are the screen options in WordPress posts?
A3: Screen options allow you to customize the columns displayed in the list of posts. You can choose to show or hide details like author, categories, tags, etc.

Q4: Can I change how many posts are displayed on one page in the dashboard?
A4: Yes, in the Screen Options, adjust the ’Number of items per page’ setting to display more or fewer posts per page according to your preference.

Q5: How do I sort my posts by date?
A5: In the ’All Posts’ section, click on the date column header to toggle between ascending and descending order.


Understanding how to manage your WordPress posts is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient blogging routine. This tutorial provides all the necessary insights to help beginners navigate the Posts section with ease, ensuring that you can manage your content effectively. Whether it’s creating, sorting, or customizing your posts, these skills will help enhance your site’s functionality and your ability to engage with your audience. Don’t forget to explore our additional resources and free training to become proficient in WordPress management. Thank you for watching, and happy WordPressing! 🌐✨

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