How To Promote Each Piece of Niche Content Systematically

By | February 2, 2021

How To Promote Each Piece of Niche Content Systematically –

Here’s the secret sauce to niche marketing. If you pick the right niche and you get this right, you are 99% on the way to making solid money off the internet. You’re not quite there yet, but you’re getting close.

These promotion tips are geared towards the type of content you produce. Follow each suggestion under each content type to maximize your content’s visibility on the internet.

Blog Posts or Website Posts

If you’re putting up any kind of new content on your blog or your resource website, you need to carry out as many of the promotional tips listed below as possible. This will maximize your content’s visibility, which can lead to more traffic, which can lead to more conversions.

Do SEO Outreach

Once you have a new blog post, look for blogs that link to blog posts that rank high for your target keyword.

Your blog post has a target keyword. Look up the blog posts that rank high for your target keyword and then load their URLs into backlink checkers like This tool will tell you which websites are linking to the websites that already rank for your target keyword.

You then reach out to these other sites and ask them to link to you as well. After all, they’re already linking to content that is very similar to yours. You just need to persuade them to link to you as well because your content is more superior than your competitors.

Share on Facebook Pages

Not only should you share your original content on your own Facebook page, but you should also share the link of your content on other Facebook pages.

Some Facebook pages will allow you to do this. Others will only allow you to do this in the comments section. Whatever the case may be, share your stuff on niche-related Facebook pages. The key here is that they must be related to your niche.

Share Your Facebook Page Post URL on Facebook Groups

Once you have shared your original content’s link on your official Facebook fan page, your next move should be to take the link to that Facebook page post and share it on niche-related Facebook groups. These are groups of people who are interested in your niche. So go to these groups, engage with people, and then drop your link to your page.

Tweet Shortened Links on Twitter

When you post content on Twitter, there’s a preview that shows up. Share your stuff on Twitter, but make sure you always use at least two niche-related hashtags. The hashtag is the secret to visibility on Twitter. Also, use target keywords in the description of your posted link on Twitter.

Tweet Snippets and Questions on Twitter

Look through your content and see if you can find certain questions, and copy and paste a small block of text that answers the question. Fit all of these into a tweet along with a shortened link to your original post and a hashtag or two. Rotate among these hashtags. These question tweets can give you quite a bit of visibility on Twitter.

Find Related Questions on Quora and Post Answers from Your Content

Looking through your blog post, see if you can come up with as many different related
questions that your blog answers. You then search for these questions on Quora or find related questions. Post your answer and then link to your blog post as a resource.

There’s a technique to this. You can’t just drop your link each and every time. Chances are, you will get banned.

Instead, you need to “mask” your link by mixing in other third party high quality links. Add in a little bit of Wikipedia or any other authoritative website.

Also, make sure that the vast majority of your answers do not have anything to do with your own content. Because if Quora figures out that all your answers have a link to the same or different pages on your website, you will probably get banned.

This is why I suggest that you restrict posts involving your content to a maximum of 20% of your posts. For the rest of your posts, engage naturally and share your expertise.

Post Your Content on LinkedIn

There are many different people on LinkedIn who are interested in a wide range of niches. Post your blog post link on LinkedIn to get targeted traffic.


Convert your blog post into some sort of picture. Maybe it’s a diagram, or maybe it’s the header image of your post with some explanatory text. Whatever the case may be, create one picture that summarizes what the post is about. Promote this picture using the resources below.

Post on Pinterest

Before you do this, look for your competitors on Pinterest. Pay attention to their tags. Reverse engineer those tags. Apply those tags to your picture on Pinterest, and then link your picture to the actual blog post that picture refers to.

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