How To Monetize Your Brand Systematically

By | February 3, 2021

How To Monetize Your Brand Systematically –

Start with reverse engineering your competitors

The first thing that you do is to look at what everybody else is doing. Look at your competitors. How do you think they make money from their websites? You already have your list of competitors. Visit each and every one of them and look at their ads. Write down your notes and collate them for all your competitors.

What do they all have in common? Look up your competition’s ‘industry standard’ monetization model on the list below.


AdSense is an advertising platform owned and run by Google that pays per click. When AdSense detects text on a page, it will then try to show ads targeting that text. This is called contextual advertising.


It’s fairly easy to get an AdSense account – especially if you live in the United States.

Another awesome advantage of AdSense is that they have such a massive network of advertisers, that you don’t have to worry about finding advertising for whatever content you have. Chances are, there is already an advertiser looking to show their ads on pages that contain your type of content.


While AdSense does pay you per click, depending on the content you have on your pages, you might not get that much money per click. It’s not unusual to get a few pennies per click. The rate really depends on where your traffic is coming from and the keywords you are targeting.

Another big disadvantage to AdSense is that is is very traffic-dependent. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have much traffic volume, AdSense is probably going to pay you very little money. There are ways around this. You can strategically place your ads. You can also make sure that you’re targeting only high-value keywords and try really hard to get mostly American or British traffic.

But given all the variability and randomness of AdSense ads, you really are at the mercy of its algorithm.

Amazon affiliate program

You can place Amazon affiliate product ads all over your web pages. These would show different products. When people click, and they buy something from Amazon, you can earn a commission that can vary quite a bit.


Amazon covers a huge number of product categories. It’s almost unimaginable that your niche is not going to fit under one of these categories. Accordingly, you can sell physical products related to your niche. This goes a long way in somehow supplementing the content of your niche because not only would people learn how to do certain things or solve problems, but they could actually click on an ad that physically solves their problem.

Another key advantage to this program is that usually, people do not just buy one product. They often look at other related products to supplement the product that they are buying. If they any other type of product, you get a commission on that as well. It’s not unusual for website owners to earn hundreds of dollars every month on a very passive basis because the people that they attract to their website end up buying a wide range of products on Amazon.


The big disadvantage to the Amazon affiliate program is that people actually have to buy something for you to make money. Also, sometimes, there is not really a tight fit between your content and products your visitors might be interested in. In that situation, they are less likely to click on Amazon ads.

Finally, Amazon is quite stingy on certain types of products. If your niche fits into these low commission products, you’re not going to make as much money from Amazon as you would using other monetization models.

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