How To Find Perfect WordPress Theme In WordPress (Step By Step Feature Filter Tutorial)

By | May 3, 2022

How To Find Perfect WordPress Theme In WordPress (Step By Step Feature Filter Tutorial) – Claim You Free WordPress Tutorial Videos Made For Beginners –

Here Is A Simple Overview Below On How To Find The Perfect WordPress Theme In WordPress For WordPress Beginners.

Here Is A Guide To The WordPress Theme Feature Filter, you will learn How To Find Perfect WordPress Theme In WordPress.

When you look for a theme on, there’s a bewildering array to choose from.

Fortunately, you can narrow the search with the feature filter.

Are you looking for a two column theme? Or one with footer widgets? Or one suitable for an e-commerce site? (Not sure what those terms mean? Read on.)

The feature filter helps you choose a suitable theme by displaying a more suitable set of themes that meet your requirements.

How do you use the WordPress theme feature filter?

In the WordPress theme directory in your WordPress website. Click on appearance and than click on themes. Next click on button Add New. Next click on Feature Filter to access a list of terms to filter your theme search by.

Check the features you want. You can select as many as you like.

For multiple features, the search operates as an “AND” search i.e. you will see themes that match feature 1 and feature 2 and feature 3.

Click Apply Filter.

You’ll see the results of the filter.

To edit your selection, choose the Edit link.

You can add or change your terms, or use the Clear button to erase your filter.

The Search field will also let you help you find a theme by name or another term.

We hope these suggestions above helped you on How to use filter to find the perfect WordPress theme in your WordPress Website.

We hope this short WordPress video tutorial helped you on How To Find The Best WordPress Theme for your WordPress Blog.

In this WordPress Plugin Tutorial, we will explain How To Find Best WordPress Theme In WordPress Tutorial For Beginners.

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