Blogging Mistake #10 – Backlink Spamming – What You Need To Know! (BONUS: FREE NICHE WEBSITE)

By | May 10, 2021

Blogging Mistake #10 – Backlink Spamming – What You Need To Know! (BONUS: FREE NICHE WEBSITE) –

Backlink Spamming.

Okay, 1999 is seriously ringing my phone off the hook.

Backlink Spamming is another very old, outdated tactic that is just as likely to get you penalized as it is to help you. Yes, you do need backlinks to help your website to rank better.

Getting Backlinks to your website is still very powerful. But, backlinks need to be organic links from high quality websites. Google can spot backlink spamming a mile away now, and they will slap the crap out of your website if you do it.

Here’s what you should NOT do:

Creating a bunch of low-quality pages on Blogger, HubPages, etc. Just to link back to your website. Do not do that!

Buying backlinks to your website (no, no, no!).

Submitting your website to spammy link directories.

Here’s what you should do:

Create content people will want to link to.

Encourage people to share your content by using social share plugins and mentioning to your readers to share your articles on social media.

Guest post on popular websites and link back to your content.

Blogging Mistakes Conclusion.

Remember, it’s never too late (or too early) to start building an email list. The best time to start, if you haven’t already, is now!

Not tomorrow.
Not next week.
Not “someday.” Right

Every day you wait is potentially several subscribers you lose forever. Those people may never cross your path online again. Isn’t it better to get those people on your email list while you have the chance?

Be careful with your email marketing efforts, because once you alienate a subscriber, they are gone for good. They will hit that “unsubscribe” link, and you will probably never hear from them again.

As long as you avoid the mistakes outlined in this video, you will probably find a lot of success with email marketing. Ultimately, if you treat your email list subscribers like gold, they will bring you lots of money! We hope you enjoyed this video.

But, Before you go!

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Have yourself a great day!

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