10 Best ChatGPT Prompts For WordPress Website

By | August 9, 2023

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10 Best ChatGPT Prompts For WordPress Website

When using ChatGPT for a WordPress website, it’s essential to tailor prompts to your specific audience and objectives. Here are ten general prompts that can be customized for a variety of WordPress sites:

1. Blog Guidance: “Help me find a blog post about [topic].”

2. Website Navigation: “Where can I find your [specific page/service/product]?”

3. Feedback Collection: “I’d like to leave feedback about your website. Where should I do that?”

4. Technical Support: “I’m having trouble accessing [specific page/feature]. Can you assist?”

5. Product Inquiry: “Tell me more about your [specific product/service].”

6. Subscription Help: “How do I subscribe to your newsletter or blog updates?”

7. Author Info: “Who wrote the article on [specific topic]? I’d like to know more about them.”

8. Event Info: “Are there any upcoming events or webinars I should know about?”

9. Affiliate/Partnership: “I’m interested in collaborating or partnering with your website. Who should I contact?”

10. General Knowledge: “Can you explain [industry-specific topic] to me?”

Make sure to adjust these prompts according to your website’s specific content and needs.

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