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Jamie Burcham

I was very skeptical when I saw the video on WP Content Discovery. How can this work? Is it too good to be true? So, since it was free, why not? I down loaded the plugin, and activated it. It was no time that the impressions started showing up. There were days that no visitors would click on the site and that was discouraging. Now, even on the ‘slow’ days, people still click and browse the site. I have been completely satisfied and recommend this to everybody! You will see more views to your site!

Jamie Burcham

Derek Bowler

I placed this plugin on my site – http://thesecrettruthabout.com ( I cannot remember the exact date unfortunately ), and as you can see from the screenshot of today 23/03/2016 I have recieved … 24,106 impressions which link to 34 pages on my site – I have over 80 articles and so plenty more traffic to come. This is so easy – just activate and the traffic comes in. Many Thanks for the plugin and of course the extra traffic. All The Best.

Derek Bowler

Anthony Hambrick

Thank you wp content discovery is an awesome wp plugin. It has increased views to my pages up 170% every few days all can say is thank you! thank you! I have recommended it to all my team and they love it too keep up the good work. Looking forward to what the future holds with this great plug in

JWilly Maassen

WP Content Discovery is an easy to use and directly working plugin for WordPress. Just set it it up and it will work in your benefit right away. I only use it a few weeks, but I can see the result and that is ….. more traffic!

James Norman

I just wanted you to know how great WP Content Discovery is working for me! Great site. Its a must for every business to grow!

Testing the extension for WordPress wp happy discovery

To summarize I have installed the extension wp content discovery there two months to have more traffic on my WordPress site, and it works perfectly, you have more traffic on your site and will make you ride on the Alexa ranking.

A big applause to the designer of this extension Portnova Bill and Mike Murphy
their small jewelry wp content discovery.

Alexander Buffat.

Alexandre Buffat


A good site for beginners to start their earnings with all guidance from experts.

konduparti venkata murarji

I Wanted Traffic. For once I actually got it.

Today every man and his dog offers traffic at a price. But in my experience, they have proved to be mostly empty promises.

It’s not as if costly programs provide more traffic than cheap ones. Here we have a program that actually works. By that I mean it gets me traffic and lots of it.

I started with the free version but quickly switched to the paid version when I saw my new traffic figures.

We are talking thousands. This is a great program for those who want real traffic, not a bunch of promises and statistics.

Best regards
Kirsten Plotkin

Kirsten Plotkin

Major Increase In Traffic Numbers

Since using this free plugin I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the traffic flow to my website.
I was skeptical at first but that quickly subsided when I seen the power of this plugin in action.
I quickly upgraded to the paid version where I started receiving 20 times more traffic.
This is awesome!
This will give your website that extra boost it needs by sending tons of traffic.
Get it now!

james alexander

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